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reviewed 9/94 Cases in Bioethics, 2nd Edition. Bette-Jane Crigger (ed.). 1993. St. Martin's Press. 297pp. ISBN 0-312-06746-1. $20 paper.

This is an excellent collection of short case studies ready to use for teaching. Each has a short description of the dilemma, followed by two contrasting commentaries--all within four pages. The cases are all taken from the Hastings Center Report, one of the major periodicals in bioethics. All the cases address medical issues: allocation and health care policy; reproductive rights and technologies; death and dying; research with living subjects. They also include more professional concerns such as patients' rights and professional responsibilities. Searching for specific topics is faciliated by two alternate table of contents, one organized by broad topic, and the other by themes (cost, family medical decisions, AIDS, international bioethics). One will also find a glossary that defines terms used by in professional discussions.

--Douglas Allchin

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