About the Authors

Joel HagenJoel Hagen teaches at Radford University. His primary research interest is the history of recent intellectual developments in ecology, systematics and evolutionary biology. He is particularly interested in how the use of computers influenced the development of these fields. His earlier research dealt with history of ecology and plant taxonomy; he is author of An Entangled Bank: The Origins of Ecosystem Ecology (Rutgers University Press, 1992). Joel is also interested in educational research directed toward developing new approaches to teaching and learning biology at the college level.

Douglas AllchinDouglas Allchin is a historian and philosopher of science recognized internationally for his work integrating those fields into science education. His research focuses on error and disagreement in science; papers include: "A 20th Century Phlogiston," "Error Types" and "The Naturalizing Error in Biology." Educational articles include "Scientific Myth-Conceptions," "Pseudohistory and Pseudoscience," and "Teaching Science Lawlessly." His column Sacred Bovines appears in American Biology Teacher. He hikes, photographs lichens, and enjoys having tea.

Fred SingerFred Singer teaches at Radford University with an entertaining style matching his eclectic personality. His research focuses primarily on the behavioral ecology of the funnel-web spider, Agelenopsis aperta, found in southwestern United States and Mexico, where he must go to do his work (field sites near Carrizozo, NM and Portal, AZ). (The spiders are primarily active when the temperatures are between 19 and 30 degrees C, alas limiting research to those conditions!) Fred also enjoys fly flishing (quite apart from his skill at doing so) and hikes the local Virgina contryside and elsewhere among nature's beauty.
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