Ethics & the Environment

Case studies and online resources

Classroom Case Studies
  • The Ethics of Blue Jean Ecology: the hidden environmental-- and ethical-- consequences of everyday objects
  • Aphrodisiacs and Endangered Species -- Should science trump cultural values?
  • Overpopulation or overconsumption?
  • Saving Species or Natural Diversity? -- Should we preserve a species in a non-native habitat?
  • Air Pollution from Homes -- Should we regulate soot from fireplaces and barbecues?
  • Issues in sustainable development

    Historical Case Studies

  • The tragedy of pollution in a closed ecosystem: The Poisoning of Minamata
  • Resources & Related Topics
  • to join an environmental ethics listserv
  • agricultural bioethics (scan the newsletters)
  • risk assessment (low-level exposure)

  • The SHiPS Teachers' Network helps teachers share experiences and resources for integrating history, philosophy and sociology of science in the the science classroom.