The Trial of Galileo
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Church Team #5
Show how Galileo's interpersonal and court politics have been misguided and unduly challenge the Church's authority.

  • Discuss precedent cases of: Giordano Bruno (1600) and Paolo Foscarini (1616). Discuss the Church's exceptional support for Galileo on earlier occasions, in 1616 and 1624.
  • Discuss the relationship between Galileo and Pope Urban VIII (formerly Maffeo Barberini). Show how (Copernicanism aside) Galileo failed Urban's trust, especially in revising the Dialogue. Be sure to discuss the relevance of Galileo's earlier work, The Assayer(!).
  • Discuss the context of political challenges for the Catholic Church in Europe [events later known as the Thirty Years' War]. Note the role of Spanish Cardinal Borgia in Rome. For further depth, be aware of Urban's state of mind during this period (partly evident in events to follow).
For further depth, consider:
  • the relevance of the case of Ciampoli
  • the threat of a potential case of deeper heresy (now suppressed) concerning Galileo's alleged atomism and its implications for the doctrine of the Eucharist. [Consult with Instructor.]


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