The Trial of Galileo
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General Background & Resources:

  • The Galileo Project**** [Albert van Helden, Rice Univ.]
    includes photos and biographies of key persons, images relating to astronomical arguments, more.

    16th-17th c. Texts:

  • Galileo's Dialog Concerning the Two Chief World Systems (1632). We are using the Stillman Drake translation. The e-text here is abridged for Day 2 (missing are pp. 126-265 from our edition) -- but it is helpful for word searches.
  • Galileo's Siderius Nuncius [Starry Messenger] (1610) [see Reserve books below]
  • Galileo's Letter to the Grand Duchess Cristina of Tuscany [R. Halsall, Fordham Univ.]
  • Documents from the 1616 Inquisition proceedings -- including the "injunction" and the "certificate," and the statement of the Index banning Copernicanism
  • Letter by Cardinal Robert Bellarmine to Paolo Foscarini (1615) [R. Halsall, Fordham Univ.]
  • Biblical passages cited as contrary to Copernicanism [St. Cloud State Univ.]
  • Nicholas of Cusa On Learned Ignorance
  • See also Finnochiaro's The Galileo Affair: A Documentary History [see Reserve books below]

    Alternative Astronomical Perspectives

  • Overview for self-tutoring**** [Robert Hatch, Univ. of Florida]
  • Boulliau's Conical Hypothesis (1645) [Robert Hatch, Univ. of Florida]
    Galileo's Drawings
  • moon surface, Jupiter's moons, sunspots, phases of Venus, rings of Saturn, etc.


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