Advisory Committee on Pesticides
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Preparation & Evaluation

Prepare and submit for review one week before the in-class simulation:

  • a concentrated written position paper (from your role's perspective -- add any personal commentary in notes). Cite all sources fully.
    Target ~1000-1250 wds, excluding references and visuals, and include:
      ==> at least one reference to a passage from Silent Spring
      ==> at least one reference to other documents available in 1963
      ==> at least one appropriate visual image for your class presentation

For class, prepare:
  • a 3-minute presentation (not read) as testimony to the Committee
Evaluation will be based on :
  • how deeply you reconstruct the historical context and arguments and
  • your contribution to class understanding on the questions above

Simulation assembled by Douglas Allchin. || last revised Nov. 19, 2006