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The SHiPS Press's logo aptly reflects its publication mission. The image derives from the frontispiece of the 1620 Novum Organum, where Francis Bacon outlined his new vision for the growth of knowledge -- a view that ultimately helped shape modern science.Novum Organum frontispiece In the original image, ships voyage beyond the strait of Gilbraltar (past the "pillars of Hercules"), bringing back new knowledge to Europe. The ships are a metaphor for scientific discovery. Bacon also endorsed empirical study as a basis for reliable knowledge. Today, scientific knowledge in more important than ever, permeating personal and public decision making. The challenge of assessing the reliability of its claims continues.

The scientifically literate individual needs to understand not just scientific concepts, but also how science works. SHiPS Press endeavors to help students develop that knowledge by drawing on insights from Sociology, History, and Philosophy of Science, or SHiPS. The acronym readily alludes to Bacon's frontispiece and to the value of using historical perspectives to reflect on scientific practices.

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