Science & Social Justice

Douglas Allchin, NABT 2021

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    "Science & Social Justice" [title page]
  1. stereotype: science as a fortress of facts?

    Criminal Justice
  2. DNA forensics
  3. Innocence Project
  4. systematic causes of wrongful convictions [Innocence Project]
  5. flaws of eyewitness testimony [Innocence Project]
  6. Jaythan Kendrick, released after 25 years for a murder he did not commit [New York Post]
  7. the value of justice informed by the facts of science

    Environmental Justice
  8. Bhopal -- environmental risk higher for impoverished [Economiic Times]
  9. 2008 coal ash spill, Kingston, Tennessee
  10. dumped in Uniontown, Alabama
  11. how lead pipes of Flint, Michigan
  12. unequal environmental risks -- for poor neighborhoods
  13. geographical inequities of risk reflect economic injustice
  14. higher risks for non-White populations [Collins, 2016, Figure 3]
  15. environmental justice for Uniontown residents

    COVID-19 and Health Justice
  16. focus on covid testing
  17. disparities in deaths [Kaiser Family Found.]

    Science and Values?
  18. facts and values -- How do they relate?
  19. values from nature?
  20. Two errors: naturalistic fallacy and naturalizing error: Epistemic and moral justifications are separate.
  21. Science informs how values are realized in particular cases.

    Open Cases (for Discussion)
  22. Is consuming meat, with its disproportionate environmental impact, a prerogative of the rich? An act of injustice? resource use of various protein diets [World Resources Inst.]
    See: "The Ecology of Meat" (American Biology Teacher, Aug. 2021)
  23. agricultural biotech -- biased towards large and capital-intensive farms -- a form of unjust investment in scientific research?
    arrow-r.gif - 113 BytesSee: Science without Shiny Labs" (American Biology Teacher, Jan. 2019)