Teaching Science through History
——— a collaborative workshop

Univ. of Minnesota, June 15-23, 2009

This 8-day workshop will assemble high school teachers, historians, philosophers and sociologists of science, and science education researchers to work towards developing a set of instructional case studies combining science, history and inquiry learning. Our goal is to guide students in voyages of discovery while experiencing scientific practice in its full cultural context.

Participating teachers receive:
> $1500 stipend*
> accommodation and travel support*
> $60 books (from the History of Science Society)
                    *pending grant from the National Science Foundation


Review of applications will begin February 2 and continue until the 32 available positions are filled.

We are aiming to teach the "history and nature of science" by:
  • showing how science actually works in practice,
  • engaging students in science-society topics, and
  • modeling scientific thinking skills
We will have historians, philosophers and sociologists of science experienced in science education as collaborators. Our themes include science-in-the-making, biographical, scientific and cultural contexts, alternative scientific approaches & student lab work.

See SCHEDULE  |  Sample Module & others

See some case study opportunities.

The workshop will overlap with the 2nd biennial meeting of the Society for the Philosophy of Science in Practice (SPSP). Joint sessions are planned.

For more information, contact Douglas Allchin, allch001@umn.edu.

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