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reviewed 9/94 In the Name of Science: Issues in Responsible Animal Experimentation. F. Barbara Orlans. Oxford Univ. Press (1993). ISBN 0-19-507043-7. 304 pp. $39.95.

Barbara Orlans is on the faculty of the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University, where she pursues a long-standing interest in using animals in science responsibly. In this volume she gives an authoritative survey of the topic. Having herself conducted research on heart disease, she knows the value of animal experimentation, but she is also sensitive to alternatives and to the appropriateness of uses and care. Both advocates and critics of the use of animals in science have legitimate arguments, she notes, but neither position as an extreme is warranted. She therefore delves into the challenging issues of resolving the intersecting values: how should we review protocols and monitor researchers?; how do we assess pain or suffering?; how may animals be obtained legitimately? Of particular interest for teachers will be the chapter on "Uses of Animals in Education." It was the appalling misuse of animals in science fair projects that first led Dr. Orlans into this field--and it has remained an active interest.

--Douglas Allchin

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