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posted 10/15/00

Thanks for your interest in SHiPS.
We invite you to contribute:
  • curriculum modules
  • articles -- historical updates, philosophical profiles of classroom concepts, social contexts of scientists and their research
  • reviews of books, videos, CDs and computer programs
  • URLs -- your own, or one you've found -- We like to link to original papers, biographical information on scientists, sources of free portraits, stories about terms or apparatus in science. We also aim to link to resources on themes about nature of science (gender, ethics, religion, etc.).
  • information on resources -- equipment, books or manuals, museum exhibits, etc.
  • announcements -- seminars, workshops, conferences, listservs, events

We appreciate everything in electronic form. We can accommodate Word Perfect, MS Word, HTML, RTF, and maybe other formats. All submissions will be reviewed for their appropriateness to the SHiPS audience.

Please send your contribution to the Editor at:
or Douglas Allchin, Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science, Univ. of Minnesota, Minneapolis MN 55455

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