The Evolution of Morality -- An Introduction
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The website aims to profile morality/moral behavior in an evolutionary context and to provide support for teaching about it in a standard introductory biology course. There are four main sections:
Scientific, humanistic and political reasons why this topic is essential for every introductory biology course, whether in high school or college.
— includes an analysis of current textbooks.

Scientific Overview
Written in textbook style, as a prospective supplement for current texts. It has five main sections:
  1. A Biological Approach to Morality
  2. Moral Acts (Behavioral Genetics)
  3. Moral Motive or Intent
  4. Moral Systems (Socialty)
  5. Applying Biological Perspectives
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Brief reviews of over 2 dozen books available to non-scientists.

Classroom Resources
Images! Videos online! Websites! --the stuff to help visualize and render all the concepts and content for students.
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— includes several supplemental essays
— and comments on teaching strategies.


Our "cover" image also functions to introduce the major scientific themes:


Mozu, the snow monkey

vampire bats

algebraic expressions

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