Teaching the Evolution of Morality: Videos
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Videos Available Online :
  • chimp nutcracking [Christophe Boesch, Max Planck Inst.]
  • 2nd view [YouTube, original from National Geographic's "The New Chimpanzees," out of print]

  • Meerkat watching behavior [Wikimedia Commons] | alternate video [The Animal Files]

    expressions of sympathy
  • American Tourister ad, 1970s [YouTube]
    — depicts old stereotype of violent ape behavior
  • Bintijua's handling of a child in zoo ape enclosure (Chicago Brookfield Zoo, 1996) [YouTube]
  • Jambo at the Jersey Zoo [YouTube]
    — case from 1986 in England, paralleling case of Bintijua

    cooperation in non-primates
  • rooks (Seed et al 2008) [NewScientist, 27 march 2008]

    cooperation in primates (studies)
  • chimp experiments (Melis, Hare & Tomasello 2006) show: Spontaneous cooperation & No cooperation | Deception in chimpanzees? | Imitation in chimpanzees? | Patience in chimpanzees
  • capuchin experiments (de Waal, Leimgruber & Greenberg, 2008)
  • historic 1930s study by Nissen & Crawford — shows how trained chimps cooperated on task to secure food
  • food sharing in chimps (narrated) [Living Links Center, Yerkes Primate Observatory]

    studies on spontaneous helping by young chimps and human infants
    (Warneken & Tomasello, 2006; Warneken, Chen, & Tomasello, 2006) [Felix Warneken, Max Planck Inst.]
  • Other Videos
  • Nature: Mozu - The Snow Monkey (PBS Nature Series, 1982)
  • Wisconsin Regional Primate Research Center — video catalog