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  • Values intersect science in many ways. For more orientation, see the introductory overview.

    For special topics, see the list at left. Each section contains background reading and case studies.

    Or you may want guidance on teaching strategies.

    For more resources on ethics and teaching, see our toolbox (below).

    Current Featured Case
    Air Pollution from Homes
  • Should we restrict soot pollution from fireplaces and barbeques?
    from the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory ELSI Project
  • ETHICS TOOLBOX (other online resources):
  • general primer on ethics
  • a large scope view on value systems / guiding principles
  • a step-by-step guide for thinking through issues
  • a worksheet version
  • medical ethics readings online
  • index of online resources
  • Research ethical issues in science.
  • updated 7/9/07

      SHiPS helps teachers share resources for integrating history, philosophy and sociology in the science classroom.