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You argue for widespread glaciation within the Alps (as opposed to floods of various kinds) to explain deposits and other features. Like Diluvialists, however, you make use Elie de Beaumont's theory of rapid uplift ("soulevement") – but, in your case, to generate sufficient cold to extend the glaciers.

On GoogleEarth Tour pay particular attention to:

  • Pointe d’Ornex
  • Pierre des Marmettes
  • Pierre-a-Bot
  • Simplon

Familiarize yourself with the following Episodes:

  • An Incredible Hypothesis
  • "A Lost Epoque" Switzerland

Read and summarize:

  • "Account of one of the most important results of the Investigations of M. Venetz, regarding the Present and Earlier Condition of the Glaciers of the Canton Vallais"
  • :Some conjectures regarding the great revolutions which have so changed the surface of Switzerland" (p.34-36)

Be aware:

  • You use Elie de Beaumont's last epoch of elevation as a cause of glaciations. However, Lyell is critical of flood theories and theories of sudden, rapid uplift of mountains, and his own observations and those of Darwin support more gradual, episodic uplift. Further, there already exist observations of erratics and striations from North America, rendering your mechanism for glaciations too localized, and shortly Renoir will have found evidence in the Jura Mountains for exactly the features you describe in the Alps (see Episode "Vosges Glaciations). You are venerable on the matter of cause.