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You support Lyell in his steady-state uniformitarian approach to geological questions and, as such, you report on or explain features in terms of the operation of currently observable process or events acting over long periods of time.

On GoogleEarth Tour pay particular attention to:

  • Glen Roy

Familiarize yourself with the following Episodes:

  • Glen Roy
  • Glen Roy Revisited

Read and summarize:

  • "Observations on the Parallel Roads of Glen Roy, and of other parts of Lochaber in Scotland, with an attempt to prove that they are of marine origin" (p.64-end, plus footnotes)
  • "Note on a Rock seen on an Iceberg in 61 South Latitude"
  • 1837 Presidential Address by Charles Lyell (p.400-402)

Be aware:

  • Your observations in Glen Roy are highly detailed and your criticism of a flood is well taken, but you have found no marine shells on the beaches and your idea that drifting icebergs can generate striations in the bedrock is something of a stretch.