glacier logo   Debating Glacial Theory, 1841
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Impressed at the devastation recently inflicted by tidal waves in Lisbon and, before that, in Callao (Peru), you advance a theory of "diluvial waves" to explain a number of landform features, some of which have bearing on any possible glacial theory. In keeping with your experimental approach to some questions in geology (you demonstrated that igneous rocks can result from cooling of molten rock material), you perform some experiments to demonstrate how such waves can be generated by disturbances on the sea floor.

On GoogleEarth Tour pay particular attention to:

  • Edinburgh Crag and Tail
  • ? + Glen Roy?

Familiarize yourself with the following Episodes:

  • Edinburgh, Scotland

Read and summarize:

  • "On the Revolutions of the Earth's Surface"

Be aware:

  • Your ideas are frequently references by the "flood" theorists, including de la Beche at a much later date. But, while you see your theory as based on actual processes, it is generally regarded as "catastrophic" and you will have to defend against that. Besides, yours is an early theory and, like Venetz, you do not develop it further yourself.