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You are a strong supporter of a flood theory, based on a detailed survey and observations of landforms in southern Sweden. You also have opinions on the manner in which geologists develop ideas.

On GoogleEarth Tour pay particular attention to:

  • Uppsalaćsen
  • Hedesundaćsen

Familiarize yourself with the following Episodes:

  • Petridelaunian Flood
  • Uppsala Traces

Read and summarize:

  • "On the traces of a vast ancient flood" (from Poggendorff's Annalen, 1836)

Be aware:

  • Your observations on furrows and roche moutonnees are well-received and frequently referenced. However, the origin of the huge volume of water and debris is questioned and you refuse to address the origin of erratics, possibly because you recognize the criticisms that de Charpentier advanced concerning erratic transport by water (see Episode "An Incredible Hypothesis").