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You are the originator of the theory that erratics were transported out of the Alps by catastrophic mudflows.

On GoogleEarth Tour pay particular attention to:

  • Pointe d’Ornex
  • Pierre des Marmettes
  • Pierre-a-Bot
  • Val des Bagnes
  • Vadret da Tschierva

Familiarize yourself with the following Episodes:

  • Neuchatel, Switzerland
  • Alpine Drifting

Read and summarize:

  • "Additions au memoire sur les causes du transport des blocs des transport des Alpes sur le Jura" (open in a new tab then switch to "Plain Text" and use Google Translate to help with reading)
  • "A description of the Val de Bagne, in the Bas Valais, and of the disaster which befel it in June 1818"

Be aware:

  • Did the Val des Bagnes disaster actually move material of any significant size (see Lyell)? Lyell has other ideas (see Episode "Alpine Drifting" and his criticism of your and others' ideas in favor of "drifting." How can the erratics of northern Europe be explained (e.g. see Episode "Cammin")? Is there a universal explanation?