Orientation to the issues, scientists, and landscapes of Europe

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1. Install GoogleEarth on your computer.

2. Download the file that contains the tour.

(a) Double-click or right-click/save the zip icon below and save this "zip" file to your desktop or similar location.

   [Double-click this icon to download the zip file.]

(b) Double-click or right-click/open the zip file you saved to open it inside that folder on your desktop or hard drive you will see a GoogleEarth kmz file that looks something like this:

[Do not double-click or right-click this icon -- it is not an active link.
But when you open the zip file you saved to your computer
you should see a file that looks something like this

(c) Double-click this kmz file (or right-click/open) on your desktop or hard drive and GoogleEarth should open automatically (if it does not start then start GoogleEarth itself and use File/Open in the left of the top toolbar to locate the file).

4. Read the instructions in the graphics below.

In general, in GoogleEarth:

(a) To ensure you see the text associated with each PlaceMark double-click the listing of locations in the left-hand "Places" menu rather than clicking on the map icons

(b) To close the Placemark window click "x" in the top right; to re-open the window single-click the Placemark listing in the "Places" listing

(c) To return to a European-wide view at any time, double-click the file header in the "Places" listing (i.e. "Glacial Theory . . . ")

5. Use GoogleEarth to take the tour.

(a) Your assignment is to tour the locations and gain familiarity with the issues, scientists, and places. View the landscapes scientists were working in and gain a strong sense of the questions being asked in these places and the answers being suggested.

(b) You can tour by topic (the placemarks have categories indicated by icons) or you can tour from top to bottom on the list (in approximate chronological order).

(c) Take notes as appropriate and retain this file for future reference.


HOW THE TOUR WORKS (4, above): 



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