Keith Montgomery

University of Wisconsin - Marathon County


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  1. Read the Introduction -- this provides context within the period 1800-1840.

  2. As an  orientation to the specific issues, people, and places, tour Europe in the early 19th Century using GoogleEarth:
    GoogleEarth instructions and data file.
  3. Read the Episodes -- these present the details.
  4. Either A or B:
    1. Complete the 1840 Assessment and Debate research and writing if you are completing a research paper ("Research Option" Paper 1)
    2. complete the more general questions in preparation for more general class discussion ("Reading Option") .
  5. Next, learn about an 1840 visit that one of the protagonists made to Britain in 1840 and a debate at one of the continent's leading scientific societies and in print, and assess their impacts on the larger debate about glaciation.
  6. If you are on the Research Option, then complete the Post- 1840 Assessment and Debate research and writing ("Research Option" Paper 2).
  7. Finally, read about the Final Outcomes and some Twentieth Century Follow-up.

There is a comprehensive Bibliography with links to the original, 19th Century sources.


<<-- Entry | 1. Introduction  -->>