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Edwin Diamond Edwin Diamond

Diamond recently wrote on Silent Spring in Saturday Evening Post. The byline reads "Edwin Diamond, now a senior editor of Newsweek and formerly that magazine's science editor, worked with Rachel Carson at the outset of the book project that resulted in Miss Carson's 1962 best-selling report on pesticides, Silent Spring. A disagreement over how to proceed ended the collaboration."

[Diamond later became a widely recognized critic on the media.]

Be sure to review Chaps. 1-3,7-8,14 in Silent Spring. You should be able to comment on Carson's credibility and motives, and the benefits of pesticides. You may also want to discuss the role of fostering public understanding of science. (Be aware of your own motivations, too.)


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  • Consider also the books by Lavine & Zimmerman, Leary & Fishbein, and Whorton about early DDT use.
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